Bulk material handling system for dry/liquid applications

By Gretchen Edelbrock, Products Editor

The dual, NBE bulk bag unloaders–constructed of 4-in. x 4-in. x 5/16-in. structural framework–each have a 4,000 lb. frame capacity and meet or exceed ANSI and ASME specifications. NBE bulk bag conditioning systems, built into the framework of each NBE bulk bag unloader, reduce total bag cycle process times by 25% compared to free-standing bag conditioning designs. The liquid supply tank, built of 304-2b stainless steel, discharges the minor ingredient into the blending hopper based on the specific recipe and control instruction from the system HMI.

The 250 cu. ft. capacity blending hopper is constructed of 3/8-in., 304-2b stainless steel and has an integral, 14 ga., 304-2b stainless steel dimpled jacket that is ASME inspected and code stamped for –20°F to +400°F, and 125 PSIG. A thorough material mix is provided by the blending hopper’s 10in. solid mainshaft and double-ribbon agitator design.

The NBE controls and automation architecture enable standardized system integration to the facility’s SCADA system. Application-specific, operator interaction and process operations risks were identified and properly mitigated by NBE throughout the design, testing, and commissioning stages.


Politics of plastic Illinois governor considers Mulberry Messenger bill to ban bag bans

It’s a tongue-twister to say — and could be just as difficult to sign. But Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has to make that decision, as he considers whether to endorse a bill on his desk that would prohibit local governments across the state from banning plastic shopping bags. Even the politics is a bit confusing, considering conservative thinkers have joined environmentalists in asking the Democratic governor to reject the Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Act. GOP state Sen. John Millner, though, cosponsored the legislation and said it was crafted to promote recycling. “Some people like plastic bags, some people don’t,” he told FoxNews.com Wednesday. “But people discarding them like litter has got to stop .Mulberry Messenger. This leads us into a recycling plan that we otherwise would not have.” Millner suggested local restrictions on plastic are excessive and unnecessary. He compared the situation to earlier times when motorists routinely threw paper trash out car windows, saying “we didn’t ban paper” in response. But environmental groups such as the Surfrider Foundation argue bags pollute waterways like Lake Michigan — and that bans on bags reduce that pollution .Mulberry Bags Outlet. “Our primary concern is the effect that single-use plastic bags have on humans and animals, particularly in the oceans of the world,” said group member Rob Cole. The group also thinks the legislation “prevents home-rule authority.” A recent editorial in The Chicago Sun-Times echoed that view, saying: “Banning communities across Illinois the recourse to get rid of plastic bags should be the decision of individual towns. Just like communities have made decisions on video gaming and the types of liquor establishments they want in their cities and villages … . That’s what Village Boards are for.” But supporters of the proposed Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Act — including corporate interests — say the legislation allows for recycling as an alternative. This is not the first time plastic bags have stirred rigorous debate and legislation. Liberal-leaning District of Columbia and neighboring Montgomery County, Md., have imposed a 5-cent user charge for plastic grocery Camera Bags. Quinn has yet to decide, and his office gave no timeline Tuesday for a decision, saying only that SB 3442 was under review. A reported 150,000 people worldwide have signed a petition asking Quinn not to sign the bill, which excluded Chicago and had bipartisan support in the state legislature.

Sienna Miller – Birth Of Sienna Miller’s First Child Shrouded In Mystery

Sienna Miller and fiance Tom Sturridge have reportedly welcomed their first child, though the birth remains shrouded in mystery. The British actress reportedly gave birth in London over the weekend, though details of the baby’s name, weight or even gender are not available.

The pair have been dating for over a year, with Miller debuting her dazzling engagement ring in mid-February. A source confirmed to US weekly magazine that the actress had become a mother for the first time, though could offer nothing more concrete in terms of details. Sienna, 30, opened up to British Vogue in April about the pregnancy, saying, “Even though I’m under strict instructions not to say anything as it would completely defeat the point of everything I’ve tried to achieve in the last eight years.I’m feeling fine…It’s all progressing nicely and it’s very exciting”. Despite the couple’s silence about their new addition, Miller and Sturridge have not hesitated to step out in public in recent months. Most recently, the couple jetted off to Portofino, Italy, while a week later, they celebrated Robert Pattinson’s 26th birthday at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London.

Miller’s reluctance to provide details of her personal life may be linked to her previous relationship with Jude Law, which was intensely scrutinized by the tabloid press. The eventual breakdown of their romance was also played out on the front pages. Despite her pregnancy, Miller has no less than six projects in the works, including British-set comedy drama ‘Hippie Hippie Shake’.

Introducing Bryn Mulberry’s latest Discount Mulberry Bags It bag

The luxury leather brand’s latest arrival is inspired by the iconic men’s satchel Brynmore and includes a triple Postman’s Lock – a feature used on many Mulberry bags, such as the Alexa and Bayswater – with a top handle and cross-body strap.Discount Mulberry Bags. READ: UK officially the most designer handbag crazy country Cheap Mulberry Handbags. will be hoping that Bryn garners as much attention as the Alexa – which was similarly inspired by the brand’s men’s Elkington ebagsand the iconic Bayswater – and the Del Rey, the two style which have helped the brand’s profits soar – last month, they reported a 54 per cent rise in profits to £36 million for the year to March 31. Already toted by Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley and Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, Bryn comes in two sizes, regular and small, and is available in classic oak leather, flame or black shiny grain leather, petrol velvet-print grain leather and luxurious black pebbled haircalf 

Auto Fashion Takes Off

Aligning auto with fashion is not a novel idea. Advertisers have used this gimmick to boost visibility of various luxury brands, for example luxury watches and high-end automobiles.

Recently, Audi teamed with the fashion house Kerrymanwomanhome to present The Collections, a showing of designer label creations.

“The Collections presented by Audi gave us the opportunity to align with fashion – a natural fit when you consider the style and design elements employed in both industries – as part of a real and integrated partnership,” said Judith Denton, Audi’s marketing and communications manager.

“When style in auto and fashion are laid out in a historical context, you will see that the design elements of both have travelled parallel lines – and both are influenced by modern technology and sensibilities”, she added.

According to Denton, fashion adds texture to auto and so they complement each other.

“When Coco Chanel ‘invented’ the basic black dress, it was referred to as the Model T of fashion. Around this time, auto manufacturers began to recognise women’s influence on buying choices. More value was put on details and auto manufacturers realised that their colour palettes could extend beyond black,” she said.

She continued, “Auto designers incorporated more fluid, graceful lines in cars and, in fashion, designers opted for a smooth, slender silhouette. The rest is history. The value, preservation and showcasing of classic cars show that cars are perceived as art by many, and that cars are fashionable. We express who we are with our personal sense of good taste reflected in our style. Cars and clothing are two of the most revealing things about a person’s lifestyle,” she ended.

The Collections is looking at showcasing emerging designers with the intention to foster the growth of Jamaica’s fashion industry and to guide designers through the business side of fashion.

Like many other international companies, Audi in Jamaica has tapped into a niche that is being slowly exposed. The Audi Collection is a unique compilation of items that follow the Audi design mandate. Fine material is used to make extraordinary products, including leather handbags and briefcases, luggage, clothing, accessories, watches, miniatures and even a special line for kids.

Likewise, Mercedes-Benz has created a fashion brand all on their own with Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, one of the most sought-after fashion events in the world.

Audi has also created its own market in this area with a few fashion events. The company has sponsored Johannesburg Fashion Week in South Africa, India Fashion Week, Fashion Houston (Texas) and most notably the recently concluded Singapore Fashion Week.


Auto designers incorporated more fluid, graceful lines in cars and, in fashion, designers opted for a smooth, slender silhouette.

She is the birthday girl! Katherine Jenkins shows Mulberry Holdalls Bags Sale off her shape in plunging black dress as she leaves bar bleary eyed

Singing sensation Katherine Jenkins celebrated her 32nd birthday by getting suitably sloshed with her friends in a West London bar. The Welsh warbler looked a little worse for wear as she was snapped leaving her party at the trendy Bunga Bunga bar. The striking star vamped up her image for the night, wearing a revealing tight black dress and dramatic red lipstick. Scroll down for video Burning the candle at both ends? Katherine Jenkins turns 32 years old at Bunga Bunga bar in London and looks worse for wear as she parties the night away. Katherine also displayed a slimmer than ever figure, which is the result of her grueling training program on Dancing with the Stars. The talented star finished in a very respectable second place in the us celebrity competition. Classical singer Katherine also showed off a very rounded bosom on her birthday booze-up, which was highlighted by the figure hugging dress. Helping the soprano star celebrate her special day was Katherine’s Dancing With the Stars co-star Derek Hough. Dressed to impress: Katherine showed off her trim shape, and her curves, in the plunging black dress Derek was seen arriving at Bunga Bunga bar in a seperate taxi to Katherine, but they left in a shared black cab after the party finished .Mulberry Holdalls Bags Sale. The blonde beauty has been making a name for herself in the states since she split with her fiance Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones in December last year. Her appearance at the shindig showed how her success overseas has impacted on her image. Dancing Queen: Katherine Jenkins gets a personal birthday cake and posts the picture to Twitter Welsh wobbler: Katherine clings onto an assistant as she teeters in her heels after boozing at Bunga Bunga bar Cutting the queue: The Welsh beauty had no problem getting into the hot spot and jumped past people waiting in line Katherine looked like a bona fida Hollywood star with her screen siren make-up and bouncy blonde bob. Even glamorous girls like Katherine can fall foul to the fatal combination of too many late nights coupled with a boozy birthday party. Her tired appearance could be due to the busy week she has had since arriving back in the uk on Monday. Katherine has been non stop since her return, being photographed at the Henley regatta and Wimbledon. The busy star used the tennis tournament as a chance to catch up with her sister Laura. Party guest Derek Hough arrives at Katherine’s birthday celebration and later leaves in the same cab as the singer She tweeted: ‘It’s a sister day out with @laurajenks. ‘ Uploading a photo of some of the centre court action, she wrote: ‘Watching David & Goliath .Discount Mulberry Bags.This time David definitely won! ‘ Her trip to the uk follows Katherine’s boozy bender last weekend in Las vegas. Katherine was joined by her fellow contestant from DWTS Maria Menounos in Sin city for the first part of her birthday bags.

That’s very formal for the gym! Zooey Deschanel dresses up in a chic trench coat and hat after workout

Most mere mortals emerge from a workout sweating and red-faced in lycra and trainers.

Not Hollywood starlet Zooey Deschanel, who was spotted leaving a Pilates class in West Hollywood looking chic.

The actress, 32, went incognito in a hat and sunglasses, and wore a trench coat over stockings and ballet flats.

Very chic for the gym! Zooey Deschanel wraps up in tights and a trench coat as she leaves a pilates class in West HollywoodVery chic for the gym! Zooey Deschanel wraps up in tights and a trench coat as she leaves a pilates class in West Hollywood

The New Girl star carried a yellow handbag, and sipped on water as she made her way to her car.

Zooey recently appeared on So You Think You Can Dance? which is broadcast on the same network as her own hit show.

The actress, who is about to take on Broadway, was the first celebrity judge on the panel casting her eye over contestants.

Incognito: The actress covered up in sunglasses and a hat as she left the class sipping water

Incognito: The actress covered up in sunglasses and a hat as she left the class sipping water

Zooey sang the theme tune for New Girl and will be making her Broadway debut as Loretta Lynn in a stage adaptation of Coal Miner’s Daughter.

The in-demand star has been keeping herself busy since the breakdown of her marriage last year.

Zooey split from Death Cab For cutie singer Ben Gibbar after two years of marriage.

'Whatever I'm doing, I try to find the romance in it': The New Girl star hasn't let her divorce last year hasn't ruined love for her‘Whatever I’m doing, I try to find the romance in it’: The New Girl star hasn’t let her divorce last year hasn’t ruined love for her

But the heartache is letting her lose faith in love. ‘I’m a real romantic and I feel very strongly about a lot of things. Sincerity is what’s most important – living your life with meaning, romance and true,’ she told Look magazine recently, total feeling.

‘I think people are confused by my exuberance at times,.

‘I tend to be very passionate about the things I love, and very, very enthusiastic. Whatever I’m doing, I try to find the romance in it.’


Hey big spender! British revealed as the most handbag hungry nation in the world Mulberry Bags Sale

From the Mulberry Alexa to the Hermès Birkin, handbags have become one of the most coveted items in the luxury goods market. Women worldwide are willing to sacrifice their hard-earned monthly salaries for a piece of lusted-after arm candy. But it has been revealed that British woman are the hungriest handbag hunters in the whole world. Kim Sears represents the British ladies whose choice of designer handbag is Mulberry; Kim opts for the Bayswater And it has also been revealed that Britons were behind almost half of internet searches for luxury handbag brands at a time when it seems impossible to escape daily reminders of the country’s economic turmoil. The study, carried out by the World Luxury Index, found that it was classic designer staple Mulberry that prevailed as British online shoppers’ luxury label of choice .Mulberry Bags Sale. Top 5 most globally searched handbag brands Coach Louis Vuitton Chanel Gucci Longchamp Prada Hermès Mulberry Marc Jacobs Michael Kors In 2011 the company almost quadrupled its profits from the previous year. And with each bag owing its name to the celebrity who first endorsed it; it would appear that Alexa, Lily, Daria and Rosie have fast become the most popular girls in town. Starting at £550 however, they are certainly not cheap dates and to the music of many shopper’s ears, high street stores are hot on the designer world’s heels with great copies. More and more, the world wide web is where consumers confirm their desire for handbag brands, and increasingly, specific models. And consumers shift from the boutique to their smartphones, tablets and computers to learn more about the products they covet. The study also unveiled for the first time, a ranking and analysis of the most searched-for handbag brands within the luxury industry, based on the unbiased search inputs coming from global luxury consumers in major search engines .Mulberry Bayswater Sale. The research examines over 130 brands, through 130 million+ searches, in eight countries. Coach held the top spot as most-searched handbag brand, followed by Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Electronics are stolen from home

A Flossie Lane man is missing more than $14,000 worth of electronics after a break-in.

The man said that he returned home Tuesday around 5:40 p.m. and discovered someone had forced entry into his residence.

He said a Mac computer, a Digi mixing console, a Macbook, a 50-inch ISO-brand flatscreen TV, a 32-inch Toshiba TV, several cameras and pieces of photographic equipment were stolen.

The homeowner said he would provide deputies with serial numbers. Counting household goods, the total loss was $15,150.

In other reports:

* A Magnolia Street businessman is missing cash and firearms after someone ripped their way into his facility.

The owner of the Mechanic Shop told deputies that around 8 a.m. Monday, he discovered someone had ripped a hole in his building and forced their way inside.

Cash, a 42-inch flat screen TV, a 32-Vizio flatscreen TV, a 12-gauge Remington 1100 shotgun and a .380-caliber handgun were missing.

According to the owners, surveillance video was turned over to investigators.

* A Simpson Street man reported nearly $4,000 worth of electronics and yard equipment stolen.

The man said Sunday that he had been out of town. When he returned he discovered someone had taken a Troybilt riding mower, a YardPro riding mower, three push mowers, a chain saw and two TVs.

* An Oxford Drive woman called deputies after her $2,500 riding mower was stolen.

The woman said she last saw her 2009 Cub Cadet riding mower on its trailer in her yard around 10 p.m. Sunday. But by 5 a.m. Monday the rider and trailer were gone.

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

ODPS has announced an increased number of residential burglaries affecting areas centered around Ellis Avenue and adjoining side streets, from Gibson Street up to the Colleton Street area, with high concentrations focusing on the Sawyer street side of Ellis Avenue.

Authorities ask that you immediately report any suspicious activity, such as: suspicious persons or vehicles that do not appear to belong in the area, open or broken doors to other residences, broken windows or anything out of the ordinary.

Also, an increased number of thefts from motor vehicles has been noticed. The affected areas are spread across the city. Make sure that you remove any valuables from your vehicle, including GPS devices, cell phones, purses and handbags, money and electronics.

You may contact Public Safety with your concerns or to report a crime at 803-534–2812.


A self-confessed “psychopath” was today jailed for life with a minimum term of 35 years after he was found guilty of bludgeoning a pensioner to death with a hammer. Graeme Jarman struck Judith Richardson, 77, at least 30 times after forcing his way into her flat in Hexham, Northumberland. Jarman, who consistently denied murder during his trial at Newcastle Crown Court, fled the scene with Miss Richardson’s There’s something to be said about bloggers who make it to London Fashion Week. POH Bei Yan is so obsessed about bags that she started Bag Addicts Anonymous. Despite what its name suggests, Bag Addicts Anonymous (bagaddicts anonymous.com) is not a mutual aid movement for those with a serious addiction to **10** but a blog for **9** enthusiasts. In it, Poh not only features pictures of the latest designer **10** in the market, she also reviews them, assessing their worth, aesthetically and functionally. “I started Bag Addicts Anonymous in September 2009 to share my bag obsession with like-minded ‘bagaholics’ out there. I know a lot about bags simply because I’ve loved them since i was little. Bag lady: Poh Bei Yan and her prized possessions. From childhood, her favourite accessory has been bags. “My friends often consult me when they want to buy bags. So i thought why not use my blog to share what I know with others, ” says Poh. The blog also has a question-and-answer section for visitors to get feedback on anything they want regarding bags. Poh’s fascination for bags started really early, with cutesy, girlie bags in sweet colours. “Bags were always my favourite accessory, even when I was a child. Of course, when i was younger, my mother picked all my bags for me – at the time, it was bags with cartoon motifs. “I started to develop my personal taste and style when i was in college. My favourite brands then included Guess, Morgan, LeSportsac and Ralph Lauren. It wasn’t until I was in university that i got a taste for designer bags. These days, I actually build my outfit around the bag I will be carrying for the day, ” says the 28-year-old. Poh’s personal collection comprises 20 designer bags including a purple Fendi XXV suede Hobo which she bought from Las vegas in the united states; it is a limited edition piece that was launched in 2005 to commemorate Fendi’s 80th Anniversary. Poh with American designer Michael Kors at London Fashion Week last September. Essentially, Bag Addicts Anony-mous is a review site for luxury bags and therefore, it caters for a niche market: fashionistas who appreciate and can afford luxury bags. “I love the craftsmanship and the details that go into these bags. Sure, we’re paying so much more, but it’s money well spent. But I realise it’s different strokes for different folks. There will always be people who say bags are overpriced, just as there are people who say luxury cars, fine jewellery and watches are overpriced. It’s just a matter of preference .Discount Mulberry Handbags. At the end of the day, we just have to respect that people go for different things. For me, it’s bags. ” Since her blog is free of advertising, Poh feels she is able to offer objective feedback on the bags she features. “Everything I put up on the blog is a reflection of my opinions. While I do say wonderful things about certain bags, I also talk about bags that i don’t fancy. This is where I differ from fashion magazines. In magazines, you only see glowing reviews of bags. You hardly see any ‘not-so-rave’ reviews. I certainly don’t blame them because they are kept afloat by advertising revenue. But this is one reason people flock to blogs – for a more objective viewpoint, ” she says. Her honest reviews have garnered her quite a following: Bag Addicts Anonymous records an average of 17, 000 page views a month. After just a year, Poh’s blog was noticed by the industry and she started receiving press kits as well as invitations to launches, openings, and press-only events and previews. A year ago, she secured invitations to attend two Fashion Week shows abroad – an invitation from Mulberry in London for their Autumn/Winter 2011/12 show as well as an invitation from Burberry for their Spring/Summer 2012 show in London last September. “I couldn’t make it to the Mulberry show but I did go to London for Burberry’s show. It has always been a dream of mine to attend Fashion Week so when that turned into reality, it just felt surreal. I had such a great time. “To top it all off, I had an allocated seat at the show and not just a standing ticket – I was really stoked. “It was so glamorous. I managed to catch a glimpse of celebrities like Kanye West, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Sienna Miller and Clemence Posey in the flesh … and also fashion editor extrodinaire Anna Wintour! It was everything I imagined it to be, and more, ” she enthuses. Poh even got the chance to go backstage after the show where she saw Burberry’s creative director, Christopher Bailey .Mulberry Bags Outlet. She also got a look at the label’s ready-to-wear, accessories and bags up close. Attending Fashion Week was definitely a highlight, and Poh sincerely hopes she can make it to shows in Paris and Milan this September. However, blogging remains very much a hobby for Poh. She has several day jobs: she lectures part-time at Monash University Malaysia, and also teaches flute and piano privately. And this year, she plans to start on her doctoral studies. No matter how busy she gets, Poh updates her blog every day. “It’s what I love. I hope to be viewed as Malaysia’s bag expert. I’ve also started contributing to fashion portal Tongue In Chic on all things bag-related so I’m hoping I’m well on my way to being the “go-to” person on the subject of bags! ” , sparking a major manhunt before he was arrested in Filey, North Yorkshire, a fortnight later. He was convicted by a 11-1 majority by the jury, which began it deliberations on Tuesday. Jarman showed no emotion as the jury foreman delivered the verdict, reached after seven hours of deliberation .Garment Bags Judge Mr Justice Openshaw said the defendant clearly “presents an extreme danger to women” and may never be released from jail. He added that Jarman “has shown not the slightest regret or remorse” after taking the life of “an entirely decent, respectful member of the community”. The judge said: “He must have struck the first blow with the hammer almost as soon as he entered the flat. “She suffered truly appalling injuries with her skull fractured by the blows. “The violence used was extreme. ” He added: “That he will be detained until he is an old man is a price he must pay for committing such a terrible crime. ” Jarman, 48, tricked the spinster into opening her front door by showing her Age UK charity leaflets and immediately began battering her. Her ground floor flat was ransacked and her jewellery stolen as she lay dying in her hallway. She was brutally beaten for a second time as the killer left. During the trial, which lasted almost three weeks, Robert Smith QC, prosecuting, said the horrific attack was not random and that Jarman had been following potential victims the day before. What the jury did not know is that Jarman had already been convicted of locking a teenage girl in his car boot and raping her at gunpoint. During the seven-hour ordeal he told her: “I am your everyday psychopath .Mulberry Totes Bags Sale. ” A few years later, he barged into a 23-year-old woman’s home, tied her up and sexually abused her. He robbed that victim too, before going on the run, just as he did after murdering Miss Richardson, changing his appearance as he went. The court was shown CCTV of Jarman in Hexham the day before the pensioner’s death last August, which showed him talking to elderly residents. Mr Smith said Jarman was “observing potential victims”. On the day of the murder, Jarman went to Miss Richardson’s home with the charity leaflets and a hammer he had stolen from a shop in Hexham. Miss Richardson, who lived with her terrier Hamish, was settling down to her lunch of buttered toast. He struck her with the hammer straight after she answered the door and she fell against the wall of the lobby, bleeding from her initial head wound or wounds. Jarman searched her bedroom for items to steal as she lay injured but still alive. She managed to crawl a few metres along the hallway before Jarman struck again more than 30 times. He fled, taking a number of buses to different towns where he bought clothes and shaved his head. He arrived in Newcastle and threw her handbag in a bin before selling her jewellery for £300 at scrap value. A member of the public found her bag, alerted police and officers responding to a simple lost property case were met by a bloody scene. Jarman was finally arrested after the case received national publicity. By then, his DNA had been found on tissues at Miss Richardson’s home. The tissues also had traces of her blood. Jarman’s fingerprints were also found on the charity leaflets. Jarman denied the offence, claiming he took her handbag which had been left outside her home by the real killer.