Site selling cheap ‘authentic’ Louis Vuitton bags

A Dubai-based website is claiming to deliver original Louis Vuitton handbags at 50 per cent cheaper than the original price, but the LVMH Group has denied any association with this or any other website or distributor in any form.

An extensive list of LV bags on show handbags at more than 50 per cent discount, making the deal look too good to be true.

The website claims that all products being sold are genuine and the customer can be assured about their authenticity.

“Dear Customer…Thank you for your email. Yes, our products are definitely authentic.

“We have the channel to get the high quality products from original factory with competitive price. And to cut the cost, we set the delivery center in  Asia.

“That’s the reason that we can offer such appealing price to our customers. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy your shopping!” read an e-mail sent out to this website, confirming the authenticity of the products being sold online.

The deals are so lucrative that some of the most popular handbags in the world suddenly seem very affordable.

For example, a Louis Vuitton Handbag Monogram Multicolor 458760 is available for €162.99 (Dh750) after a 47 per cent discount.

The same handbag could not be found on the LV website but the closest option available is Alma M40444 for $3200 (Dh11,754).

The price difference is stark and an e-mail sent to LVMH clearly answers the question that any potential customer may have.

“Thank you for contacting Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is not affiliated to any auction websites, online distributors, outlets or wholesalers, nor does Louis Vuitton offer discounts or sale prices.

“Louis Vuitton products are only sold in Louis Vuitton stores, which are owned and staffed by Louis Vuitton, and through the Louis Vuitton official website:

“Louis Vuitton cannot comment on or guarantee the authenticity of products purchased elsewhere. Purchasing through Louis Vuitton’s exclusive distribution network is the only way for clients to ensure that their Louis Vuitton product is authentic.

“If you have any further enquiries regarding the products purchased in our stores or on, we recommend you to take them to your nearest Louis Vuitton store where our staff will be happy to assist you,” an e-mail sent out by the company read.

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