Police plan stifles park sex pests

Incidents of deviant sexual behaviour and thefts have been cut by more than half at Jellie Park Recreation and Sport Centre.

Police have used their Crime Prevention Unit since April to patrol the area, resulting in outstanding results, officers say.

There have been a number of arrests. These have been for deviant behaviour and a number of people have been issued trespass notices, said Senior Sergeant Pete Stills.

The city council-owned facility, which keeps records of reports of deviant behaviour, says it has dropped by 60 per cent since the CPU began its work.

Senior Sergeant Stills said “sexos” and thieves had been “hanging around” Jellie Park.

“These are people who hang around the pool and have deviant behaviour towards females and males,” he said.

Most pool and facility users wouldn’t even know thieves and sex predators were in their midst, he said.

“Jellie Park has been an issue which is why the CPU were tasked with this area. It involved having foot patrols right through; from the park through to the pool and entrance ways,” said Senior Sergeant Stills.

“We have arrested people for deviant behaviour and trespass also.

“The task now is to maintain this,” he said.

“There has also been issues at the skate bowl in the late afternoon and evening with behaviour misconduct.”

The CPU team will also be operating in Northlands Shopping Centre during the school holidays, a typically busy time for police, said Senior Sergeant Stills.

“They will be in the mall to deter shoplifters and be moving in and out of shops to maintain a police presence,” he said.

With the recent spate of handbag snatches at Barrington Shopping Centre, Senior Sergeant Stills said it was timely to remind mothers to remain vigilant when loading their cars.

“Women are vulnerable when loading their children and groceries.

“They leave their handbags in the trolley while doing this and need to ensure they are secured,” he said.

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