MIT Mulberry Satchel Bags Sale researchers create camera that can shoot around corners

Shooting around corners. While that may sound like a hi-tech gun that is able to shoot around corners, the present invention is far more benign .Mulberry Satchel Bags Sale. But paparazzos would have a field day with it, being a camera that is able to shoot around corners. Of course, the idea of a camera that could take pictures or video from around a corner, sounds physically impossible, but to MIT Professor Ramesh Raskar, the idea of getting such a camera had been a bit of an obsession. He said to the BBC, “Initially I was obsessed with the camera seeing around corners, ” but adding, “and then i realised that we could use the data for pure visualisations. ” Prof Raskar, along with colleague Andreas Velten, while endeavouring to make such a camera, succeeded, but at the same time also created a camera that had far wider applications than merely shooting around corners. The camera named femto-camera, about which Prof Raskar says, “Einstein would have liked it, ” is able to take pictures around corners, but then it is also able to track the movement of light through objects. First developed back in 2010, the femto-camera uses transient imaging to perform the task of shooting objects or even people around a corner. It does this by first shooting a high intensity laser beam, letting the light of that reflect off every surface it hits, even any hidden objects or people that may be behind a corner that gathers this reflected light and with the help of algorithms, constructs an image of the hidden person and the surrounding area. But this is not the only claim to fame of the femto-camera and femto-photography, as it can capture the propagation of light wave through any object, taking pictures at an unprecedented trillion frames per second, actually showing how a light wave moves through an empty bottle of coke .Mulberry Icons Bags Sale. Prof. Raskar has said that the femto-camera “will challenge what we mean by a camera. ” He also discussed many applications to which the femto-camera can be used, saying that he had spoken about it with CERN to be used for the Large Hadron Collider. “They have various ultra-fast events at the sub-atomic level which this has potential to help with, ” said Prof. Raskar. He also wanted to see the camera develop with the help of others, calling it “open source, ” having shared details of the technology with others. “We are trying to start an open source movement. All the interlocking bag are not fundamentally expensive so we want to start a femto-camera and femto-photography open source movement for science, art or just for curiosity, ” Prof. Raskar said.

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