WomenSource Aug. meeting: Football 101 & Tailgating Tips

GAINESVILLE – Join WomenSource for a program entitled “Football 101 & Tailgating Tips” with speakers Matthew Gruhn and Dannella Burnett, at the monthly Brown Bag Lunch hosted by WomenSource on Thursday, August 2, at 12:00.

Gruhn is Head Coach at Lakeview Academy, and Dannella Burnett is Owner/Chef and Consultant of Oakwood Occasions.

The August Brown Bag Lunch is being sponsored and catered by McDonald’s of
Northeast Georgia Inc.

The Outreach Agency for August is the Gateway Domestic Violence Center.

Attendees are asked to bring paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, zip lock bags, baby wipes, $10 gas station gift cards, and pillow cases to be donated to the Center. Jessica Butler, Executive Director of Gateway Domestic Violence Center will present a brief video and information on Gateway’s mission of meeting the basic needs of domestic violence survivors in the community
and how they are helping to create an environment for safe, healthy, self-sufficient growth, and violence prevention.

Matthew Gruhn will be entering his sixth year at Lakeview and 19th overall as a coach. Coach Gruhn was previously at Winder Barrow High School and Apalachee High School where he coached both football and tennis. He played football, basketball, and tennis for Gainesville High School and continued playing tennis
throughout college. Matthew is the son of Jean Gruhn and the late legendary Gainesville High football coach, Bobby Gruhn.

Dannella Burnett has worked in the culinary and special events fields since the age of 16. She has degrees in Culinary Arts and Food service Management from Johnson and Wales University. She has earned Gold Medals in both London and Germany for International Culinary Competitions. In 2009, Burnett created
Oakwood Occasions to provide North Georgia with quality hospitality solutions. In 2011, she created a second business, OO Fudge Factory which provides gourmet fudge for gift giving and is available nationally.

The Brown Bag Luncheons are held on the first Thursday of each month at the Frances Meadows Aquatic & Community Center. These events are open to the public. You do not need to be a member of WomenSource to attend; however, because lunch is included in the program, reservations are required. Doors open and lunch is served beginning at 11:45. The programs begin at 12:00.

The cost to attend the Brown Bag Lunch is $5.00 for Founding & Annual Members and $6.00 for Non-members. Payments are accepted at the door. To register your attendance for the Brown Bag Lunch, contact WomenSource by phone at (770) 503-9060, by email at laura@womensource.info, or register online at http://www.WomenSource.info by 5 p.m. on Tuesday,

WomenSource is a non-profit, charitable organization that was founded in partnership with the Junior League of Gainesville-Hall County, North Georgia Community Foundation, and United Way of Hall County to help encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to achieve personal and professional success.

London’s film Mulberry Bags fans searched

Rigorous vera bradley bags searches were conducted at the 830-seat Odeon West End as hundreds of film fans arrived for the Dark Knight Rises. The strict precautions were imposed amid fears weapons could be smuggled inside to stage a copycat attack. The Dark Knight Rises had its world premiere in New york last Monday and was first screened in Europe in London on Tuesday. Its Paris premiere was due to take place last night but was scrapped after the mass shootings in Denver. The movie’s stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and others pulled out of interviews to publicise the film .Mulberry Bags. Leicester Square… cinema Bale and other members of the cast and crew were staying at the Bristol Hotel in the French capital when news of the gun rampage came in. Co-stars Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard — who is from Paris — had been due in the studio of France’s main national TV station TF1 but stayed away. Premiere .Cheap Mulberry Alexa… Christian Bale in London A source said: “They are all devastated. There is no way they can go out and talk about the film — this is a time of mourning. ” The movie’s makers Warner Brothers, who also cancelled a premiere scheduled for Mexico next week, said they had been “deeply saddened” by the shootings. 

Out to Launch

Hefty launched a trio of unconventional ads promoting the strength and odor control in its Hefty Tall Kitchen Waste Bags. Hard-partying senior citizens, a baby with an appetite for destruction and an alien life form are quelled by the power of Hefty. When a Gremlin-sized entity wreaks havoc upon your house, capture it inside a Hefty bag to guarantee that it won’t escape. Unless you drop the bag. See it here. What goes in must come out. A baby that eats everything in sight must poop it out eventually. “So what do you do with all the diapers?” asks the friend of the frazzled mom. Watch it here. Lastly, a couple returns early from vacation to discover their home has been used as party central by sweet and innocent Grandma. I love the random placement of oxygen tanks, walker and crutches strewn alongside empty pizza boxes, balloons and piñatas. See it hereEuro RSCG Chicago created the campaign, directed by Jared Hess.

TwixTeam Right Twix for me. BBDO New York launched a global campaign for Twix, its first work for the brand. “Ideologies” creates an adorable back story to the creation of the Twix bar. For starters, it began as a single bar, but was broken in two when the inventors had a falling-out. Each left town to build his own factory: naturally, they moved next door to one another. While left Twix flowed caramel on cookie, right Twix cascaded caramel on cookie. Notice the massive difference between the dueling pair. The spot ends with both inventors sharing “nothing but a wrapper and an ill-designed driveway.” I hope we see more of Seamus and Earl down the road. Watch it here.

JackLinksSince women eat beef jerky, too, Sasquatch, spokesbeast for Jack Link’s, has emerged from the forest to bond with the ladies. Naturally, he joined a book club. Rather than serve wine and cheese, Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky is the snack du jour. The bigger question left unanswered is what book the group was discussing: It sent Sasquatch on a tear, ripping up the book, yet his storytelling was done with passion. Go figure. See it here, created by Carmichael Lynch.


DOWA topiary dreams big in a TV spot for Dow. Not only has the human-shaped shrubbery made the Olympic team, he’s making the Olympic village and stadium more eco-friendly. The ad is part of Dow’s Solutionism campaign that highlights the brand’s Olympic sponsorship. Our green character strolls through Olympic Village meeting his roommate, fencing an opponent and visiting the diving pool – too much! My favorite part was watching the character’s reaction to a groundskeeper trimming a bush. The spot closes with our character turning off unnecessary lights as a voiceover states: “Even the planet has an Olympic dream.” See it here. Print ads further convey the green theme, transforming a pole vault into a sunflower and a plastic straw into a water filter. See creative herehere and here, created by Draftfcb Chicago.

GEICOGEICO launched a TV campaign called “Happier Than,” illustrating how happy people are when they save hundreds on insurance. How happy are they? In the first ad, shown here, customers would be happier than Gallagher at a farmer’s market, smashing watermelons with reckless abandon dirtying the yuppie couple searching for the right kale. Secretly, I would have loved to see the brand take its happy-go-lucky spokespig gallivanting on a farm along with the tagline: happier than a pig in… you know. The Martin Agency created the ad.

FriskiesFriskies Plus takes Alice the cat through the looking glass during a not-so-typical lunchtime excursion. Alice strolls across floating lily pads through a world filled with turkeys and chickens until she winds up at a tea party thrown for her. Watch it hereAvrett Free Ginsberg created the ad, produced by Psyop / Smuggler.



NissanNissan launched a set of TV spots promoting the redesigned Altima. In the first ad, seen here, Altima ditches the cookie-cutter design and is revamped from the inside out. “Enough” is my favorite ad. It promotes Altima’s easy-fill tire alert, which rings a bell to let drivers know when to stop adding air. If only a warning like that could be added to modern-day occurrences so people would know when they have gone too far. Shown is a man about to apply too much cologne, overdo it with a handshake, go all in at a blackjack table and add tongue to an end-of-date kiss. Fortunately, the bell rings before he overdoes things. See it here. In the final ad, “Breakup,” a man splits with his gas station attendant because he’ll be spending less time at the pump. The attendant is devastated. Watch it hereTBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles created the campaign.

ToyotaWhat to do when you can’t decide which car best suits you? Bring your camera to the dealership and compare pictures. That’s what one man did in an ad for ToyotaSee it here. A racecar driver goes Camry shopping in race-day gear. He even goes as far as trying to enter the car through the window. He ends up in a Winnie the Pooh situation. Watch it hereCramer-Krasselt Phoenix created the campaign, directed by Jordan Brady of Superlounge.


StarSlothRandom iPhone App of the weekFPO Projects launched an adorable game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called Star Sloth. Sloth doesn’t do much, except look adorable, so it’s up to the players to help Sloth keep his job of delivering cheeseburgers to customers in space. In addition, Sloth must elude obstacles like mine fields, space vortexes and a burger thief hoping get Sloth fired. Players can use tips earned from deliveries to unlock delivery permits for new galaxies. The app costs $1.99 in the App Store.


Letters Monterey’s bag ban is just Cheap Mulberry Bags wrong

Bag ban is just wrong After much thought about the plastic bag ban in Monterey, I believe the ordinance targets the wrong group. Why should the consumer suffer .Mulberry handbags? It’s the bag manufacturer who should be targeted. It’s real simple. The grocery store chains buy them, and they have enough clout within their corporations to simply demand that the bag manufacturer produce biodegradable bags. Also, this 10 cent for each paper bag is ridiculous. So now the grocery store is making a profit on bags, this only helps them, and they do not have to buy plastic anymore. We have family in San Jose where there is the same no-plastic-bag ordinance. Some go without bags, and others will drive another two miles to shop where they don’t ban the bags. Stop making the consumer suffer and force the plastic bag manufacturers to make biodegradable bags. I think these type of city ordinances are shortsighted and wrong! Scott Greth San Juan Bautista Blame useless war for soldier’s horrific wounds If ever we need a reason to end war, we need look no further than The Monterey Herald of July 15. Words are not adequate to describe the emotion I felt when i read the article about 25-year-old Travis Mills, who lost all four of his limbs in combat in Afghanistan in a useless, unjustified war. The picture Advertisement accompanying the article shows him legless and armless, attempting to hold his 7-month-old daughter. Congressmen and those in the White House who are responsible for sending troops to such a war should be forced to read this article daily. The picture should be worn visibly on their persons as their identity as they go about their political duties. Whatever other accomplishments these people achieve in their careers are completely negated by this atrocity. Glen Kardel Salinas Mills’ story an inspiration Thank you for printing the sad but inspirational story about Army Staff Sgt. Mills’ horrific injuries suffered from his third deployment to Afghanistan. His bravery, courage, and patriotism are what make America strong. Thank God for courageous service people like him, and thank God for his combat buddies and his family members for their support and sacrifices. We salute all of you! Millie Rose Monterey CHOMP values safety and quality As leaders of the medical staff at Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, we take quality and safety seriously. Recently, we have heard from people concerned by hospital care ratings in which, frankly, we didn’t fare well. Other highly respected institutions such as UCSF Medical center, UCLA Medical center, Cleveland Clinic and Scripps Memorial Hospital scored similarly. We urge consumers to be confident the information they are reviewing is accurate and complete before relying on it to make care decisions. We do not believe the information used in these latest ratings met those standards. At CHOMP, we rely on rigorous evaluations from outside organizations such as the Joint Commission, the nation’s leading health care accreditation organization. Speaking on behalf of the 11 physicians on the hospital’s medical executive committee, I assure you that we are continuously working on safety and quality improvement initiatives, such as the recent move to bar-coded medication administration, to ensure that the right patient gets the right medication at the right time, and an effort to reduce the occurrence of central-line bloodstream infections — which resulted in none in the most recent 12-month reporting period. Safety and quality are always our top priorities. Donald Goldman, M. D. Chief of staff Wants better balance in choice of cartoons In a July 7 column on editorial cartoons, Editor Royal Calkins addressed readers’ comments about a too liberal or too conservative viewpoint by the paper and defended the choice of political cartoons and the criteria for how they are selected. The editorial said at one point; “My suggestion is for readers to look beyond one cartoon, one caricature, one column. ” Being curious, I had done just that .Mulberry Briefcases. I looked at every cartoon on the Opinion page since April 1 and put each one into a category. I counted about 145 cartoons. Overall they show a clear pattern. Sixty of the cartoons were either anti-Republican or anti-Romney. Ten were anti-Democrat or anti-Obama. The rest were general in nature. That means of those 70 political cartoons, 86 percent were anti-Romney/GOP and 14 percent were anti-Obama/Democrat. Only six times were they both included on the same page. Hopefully we can see better balance in the future. Will Roff Carmel Medicare depends on commercial insurance To the reader from Carmel who extols the virtues of the Affordable Care Act, citing her excellent experience with the Medicare system, please understand the following: Medicare is only viable because the program is heavily subsidized by commercial insurance .Cheap Mulberry Bags. In California, Medicare pays hospitals one-third the amount private insurance compensates these institutions for an equivalent level of service. Virtually every hospital in California would close under a Medicare reimbursement schedule. The high quality of care you receive with Medicare is possible because the younger working population is paying high commercial insurance rates to subsidize your care. The major accomplishment of the ACA, particularly in Monterey County, will be to expand the Medicaid roles, a program most notable for the fact it pays providers far less than Medicare. It is so generous of you to want to expand the availability of comprehensive insurance without regard for the fact others in the private sector and/or the taxpayers will have to pay the bill.

Bridgwater beat Taunton St Andrews to bag Somerset Cup semi finals

IN a 20-over thriller at The Parks,Bridgwater, needing three to win off the last ball, scraped home courtesy of a last ball boundary from Chris Skidmore.

Excellent knocks from Steve Jenkins (59) and Lloyd Alley (31) had set up a formidable Saints score on a blustery, showery evening.

Mike Coles and Andy Hallaran got their team off to a flyer but, despite excellent spells from Josh Clatworthy (3-27) and Mike Parsons (2-27), the home side’s consistent batting – especially in the middle order with Stef Jones (34) and Ian Bishop (26) hitting out – scored 70 off the last seven overs, to set up the last ball win.

They now play Ilminster at The Parks on Friday in the semi-final.

‘Cocktail’ – mixed bag Mulberry Alexa of laughter, emotions, love, heartbreak

Saif Ali Khan’s second home production, ‘Cocktail’, sticks true to its title throughout. The movie is a mixed Fashion Bags in all respects: relations, emotions, feelings, music, events. It brings together friendship, fun, laughter, love, heartbreak. The plot, though, is a run-of-the-mill love triangle, yet it is exquisitely executed. It depicts a tug of war between love and friendship between three best friends: the “awesome threesome” of Saif, Deepika Padukone, and newbie Diana Penty. Mostly, the movie reeks of fluff, superficial narrative and proves to be a typical Bollywood masala although shot beautifully in London’s best locales. However, not all masala movies manage to capture attention, and ‘Cocktail’ surely isn’t one of them. It didn’t fail to impress. The hard work, the power, put in by everyone associated all came across as intended. Gautam Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan) is in his early 30s, wears his heart on his sleeves, stays away from commitment and is a typical vagabond kind. And, very importantly, throughout the movie it’s not established as to what exactly does a guy of his age is doing for a living. The fist few minutes of the film that focus on Gautam get redundant as the character gets annoying with his trying-to-impress-every-girl-he-sees antics. He also has a joru-ka-ghulam maama (Boman Irani) with his firangi wife, who hardly matter in the movie. Veronica (Deepika Padukone) is a wild, sexy, independent, high-spirited fashion photographer, who loves having a ball and enjoying every bit of life. She’s a carefree, cheerful, blunt girl, yet soft, emotional, and lovelorn. Deepika’s styling and wardrobe have just added more ooze to her character, which she completely does justice to. Mira (Diana Penty) is a typical soft, quite, Indian girl, who’s come to London for the first time searching of her husband (Randeep Hooda) who apparently abandoned her a short while after their marriage in India. However, when she does find him, he tells her they got married for a purpose, which they have achieved and they need not live together anymore .Mulberry Alexa. This devastates Mira, and while she’s distressed, she stumbles upon Veronica, who, without wasting a single moment, talks Mira into sharing her apartment, which Mira agrees to after a little “No, I can’t do that” formality required of her character. The two bond well and end up becoming best of friends. One fine day, Mira – who seems to have forgotten her woes – and Veronica bump into Gautam, and the latter two just hit it off. Gautam moves into Veronica’s apartment, and while Mira doesn’t appreciate Gautam’s presence initially, she starts getting used to him and the three end up becoming best friends. They have the time of their lives, party hard, live under one roof, and are an epitome of a perfect life. Until, the unpredictable happens: love! The first half of the movie ends with Gautam and Mira falling for each other, courtesy the former’s typical North Indian, conventional mother (Dimple Kapadia). The second half is a cocktail of emotions: love, confusion, sacrifice, possessiveness, ups and downs. A little dragged and banal, however, it manages to retain attention till the end. Suffice to say, true love wins but so does friendship. And as the Spice Girls had said, “Friendship Never Ends”. This is what makes the movie worth watching. Saif and Deepika pair up for the third time in ‘Cocktail’, after ‘Aarakshan’ and ‘Love Aaj Kal’, and the chemistry and comfort between the two is evident. Saif sadly fails to make a mark, while Deepika shines in the entire movie. It would be safe to say that Deepika is the protagonist of the film and carries it on her (mostly bare) shoulders. She has given an outstanding performance. ‘Cocktail’ could very well be touted as Deepika’s best so far. Diana Penty does fairly well for a newcomer, and convincingly portrays her emotional character .Mulberry Holdalls. Dimple still looks fresh and radiant, very effortlessly playing her part. The powerhouse of an actor, Boman Irani, has sadly been wasted. His presence wasn’t required and could have been done without. All characters from Deepika to Dimple to Saif to Boman also render some comic touch to the movie. Pritam’s music is truly splendid. From the catchy upbeat “Tumhi Ho Bandhu”, “Tera Naam Japhdi Phiraan”, “Secondhand Jawani”, to Arif Lohar’s recreated version of “Jugni”, the music takes the movie along, and is an added advantage for the film. The impressive cinematography and exotic locations of London and South Africa makes one thank Yash Chopra for introducing the trend, and give the movie a very international feel. Moreover, the colourful, hip and sexy wardrobe totally compliments the characters. Altogether, the movie is pretty watchable. It’s intense, it’s funny, it’s young, it’s hip and it has great music. Perfect recipe for a masala entertainer.

Fantastic LEGO Bag End Set Debuts at Comic-Con

We’d heard rumors that LEGO was going to have som fun announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Our expectations were happily exceeded when this handsome rendering of Bilbo’s Bag End was unveiled yesterday. And yes, it comes with the dwarves.

Details of the set are still scarce, but it is being widely reported to come with all the minifigs you see here. For those of us not up on their Tolkien, that’s Gandalf, Bilbo, Dwalin, Bombur, Bofur, and Balin.

Of course, the real highlight is Bag End itself, which is stunningly designed. There even appear to be some furniture and what not within, suggesting that the model has an open back. What really got my attention were the windows, some of which appear to be made out of cleverly repurposed swivel plates. And then there’s that hammer — golly!

Assuredly tied in with the release of The Hobbit later this year, the set sets a high mark for newLotR LEGO sets. I can’t wait to see what they do with Smaug.

Chart Discount Mulberry Bags Juice Wale ‘Bag’s Fourth Top 10 on R&BHip-Hop Songs

Wale nabs his fourth top 10 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, as “Bag of Money, ” featuring Meek Mill, T-Pain and Rick Ross, jumps 13-9. The greatest Gainer/Airplay earner (17 million audience impressions, up 17%, according to Nielsen BDS) gives fellow Maybach crew member Meek Mill his first top-tier track. Included in the celebration: this is T-Pain’s 20th top 10 and Ross’ 13th. “Mulberry handbags of Money” is the lead single from the compilation “Maybach Music group Presents: Self Made 2, ” which falls to No. 2 (35, 000 copies sold, down 64%, according to Nielsen SoundScan) after bowing at No. 1 on R&B/Hip-Hop Albums last week. “Bag of Money” has moved 156, 000 downloads to date. Atop R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz’s “Mercy” returns to the apex (2-1) after being knocked out last week by Usher’s climb back to No. 1 (for an 11th frame) with “Climax” (1-2 this week). The songs had likewise traded turns at the top three and four weeks ago. The last time two songs had flip-flopped between Nos. 1 and 2 twice over a four-week span was a year ago this month, when Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” (featuring Lil Wayne) twice see-sawed w

ith DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” (featuring Drake, Ross and Lil Wayne). “Lemme See” (featuring Ross), like “Climax, ” a single from Usher’s new album “Looking 4 Myself, ” rises 5-3 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (25 million, up 10%). J .Mulberry Bags Outlet. Cole’s “Nobody’s Perfect” (featuring Missy Elliott), drops 3-4 and 2 Chainz’s “No Lie” (featuring Drake) climbs 6-5. GOOD ‘FORTUNE’: Chris Brown debuts his latest set, “Fortune, ” at No. 1 on R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, selling 135, 000 units in its first week, -according to SoundScan. The set is Brown’s third consecutive No. 1 on the chart and fourth out of five albums to reach the top. (Sophomore set “Exclusive” debuted at No. 2 in 2007 .Discount Mulberry Bags. )#) “Fortune” marks Brown’s second-lowest opening sales week sales. Only his 2009 album “Graffiti” started lower (102, 000). Last year’s “F. A. M. E. ” began with 270, 000. So far, only one of the new release’s three R&B-focused singles has reached the top 10 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: “Strip, ” featuring Kevin McCall, which peaked at No. 3 in March. “Sweet Love” hit its No. 25 peak two weeks ago while rap track “Till I Die, ” featuring Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa, reaches a new high this week (26-22). (“Turn Up the Music, ” which was worked to top 40 and rhythmic outlets, hit No. 81. )#) In other entrances, Mobb Deep member Prodigy debuts his third studio album, “H. N. I. C. 3, ” part three of a trilogy that began in 2000, at No. 16 on R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (4, 000). The new set includes guest appearances by Mobb Deep cohort Havoc, French Montana and Waka Flocka Flame. B. o. B’s “Strange Clouds” is the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart’s Greatest Gainer, shooting 9-5 (19, 000, up 164%). Amazon’s MP3 store 99-cent promotion on July 3 was the catalyst for the 12, 000-unit gain.

Sunlight introduces Pretty Lady grape bag for summer

Sunlight International, Delano, Calif., and JP Dulcich & Sons Grapes, are kicking off the summer grape season with the Pretty Lady label for packaging and point-of-sale materials.
This new program includes grab-n-go disposable colander bags and display cards with helpful tips for eating grapes, according to a news release.
Point-of-sale materials are available online at http://dulcich.com/promo-retail-programs/.
The healthy tips suggest things like adding premium California Grapes to salads or freezing them on a hot day, according to the release.
“The early response from our retail partners to Pretty Lady for the summer has been astounding!” said Nick Dulcich, co-owner and sales director of JP Dulcich and Sons, in the release. “And we anticipate a high demand for these new P.O.S. materials in the coming weeks. Combined with an exceptional grape crop this year, we truly believe this program will help put Dulcich Premium Grape sales over the top.”
The packaging features an illustrated beach scene and a ‘Pretty Lady’ in sunglasses. This is designed specifically to attract customers’ attention in a fun way.
Sunlight International markets for grower JP Dulcich and Sons,
Retailers or buyers can call Sunlight International and place an order or visit the ducich.com site for more information.

Volare is in the Bag at Mulberry Messenger the ESPYs

STAMFORD, Conn., July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Swag bags are an essential element of awards shows – eagerly anticipated by presenters, attendees and award winners alike. From actors to sports figures, everybody wants their swag! So coveted is the ESPN channel ESPY awards gift bag that the contents are kept secret until the last minute. A pre-event reveal with Vince Young and Clarissa Thompson on ESPN’s Sportsnation was aired on July 10, as a teaser. And this year’s bag included two all-stars from BabylissPRO. The Volare Clipper is the perfect fit for a sports award show. It features a Ferrari-designed engine, crafted for maximum power and longevity to deliver extreme performance. This ultra-efficient high-torque DC motor drives a luxury clipper collection that boasts a superior blade system made in Japan, and combines maximum power with a new, faster cutting system to deliver unprecedented results. For the same exceptional level of performance, pick up a Volare dryer. With the Ferrari engineered motor, developed exclusively for use in BaBylissPRO professional hair dryers, you’ll experience the maximum airflow, minimum weight, and turbo speed that takes an entire head of hair from wet to dry in less time, with no static. Six heat and speed settings create custom results for all hair types and lengths. Both of these high-performance tools come in Ferrari Rosso Corso, of course! The ESPY awards were held in Los angeles on July 11th at the Nokia Theater and drew luminaires from the sports, music, film and TV realms, including host Rob Riggle, presenters Jessica Biel, Kenny Chesney, Jeremy Renner, Olivia Munn and Jordana Brewster, and musical performances by Nas and others. Basketball was the big winner for the night – top award winners included Lebron James with three trophies including male athlete of the year, Baylor basketball star Brittney Griner took home two, and Jeremy Lin won the breakthrough athlete ESPY .Mulberry Messenger. LA Kings Goalie Jonathan Quick was deemed best NHL player and Kings won for best upset after capturing the Stanley cup as an eighth seed. Quarterback Robert Griffin III won male college athlete and Green Bay Packer Aaron Rogers got the nod for NFL player. Babyliss Pro Volare V2 dryerItem# BABFRV2Price $229Available at folica.com Babyliss Pro Volare X1Item # FX669Price: $ 199 .Mulberry Bayswater Outlet. 99Available at stylesource.com Babyliss Pro Founded in France 50 years ago, the Babyliss name is synonymous with professional- caliber styling tools in the global bag borrow or steal. Conair acquired Babyliss in 1995 and continues to expand this prestigious brand worldwide. Babyliss Pro offers several lines of superior professional styling tools including dryers, straighteners, curling irons, hot rollers and more, from ionic ceramic models to the top-of-the-line BaBylissPRO TT? Tourmaline Titanium Series. State-of-the-art technology and design are the hallmarks of this world leader in hair care products. Babyliss Pro empowers stylists by creating the ultimate tools of the trade.